Year 3 & 4, Badgers Class Page

Welcome to Badgers Class!

Badgers Class is home to our year 3 and 4 children. This year we have 23 children in our class comprising of twelve year 3 children and eleven year 4 children. Our class teacher is Mrs Inkson.

Badgers Class enjoy daily numeracy and literacy lessons which link in to the new 2014 National Curriculum. Science is taught on Monday afternoons - with the focus being on developing the children’s ability to ‘work scientifically’.
We have a specialist PE teacher and specialist French teacher teach us each week.

Homework is given out on a Thursday and should be handed back in on the following Thursday. Children in Badgers Class are also expected to read at home to an adult at least three times a week.
Other subjects are taught through cross-curricular topic work with the aim always to offer a stimulating and engaging learning experience for the children.   Where possible we try and engage the children when planning our class’ topic work, following the children’s interests and answering ‘big’ questions they ask at the start of the topic.
We love using different forms of technology in our learning - the computers, tablets, data loggers, cameras and programmable robots.  Mrs Inkson is a CAS Computing Master Teacher so we get really stuck in to the new computing curriculum!
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