Healthy Eating

School Dinners

Children can have school dinners every day or as and when parents wish, but school dinner money should be paid in advance. Money should preferably be sent to school on Monday mornings (or at the beginning of each half term) but can be sent on the morning that the dinner is required if necessary. Money should be sent in a named envelope indicating which day or days you wish your child to have a school dinner. If you put money in your child’s book bag then please ensure they know it is there as the school dinners are ordered at 9:15am each day.

Packed Lunches

If you wish your child to have a packed lunch then it should be brought into school in a suitable container which is clearly labelled with your child’s name. This is especially important as children often have the same lunch boxes and to avoid problems with allergies we need to ensure your child eats the correct lunch!

We do ask that parents try to provide a healthy and balanced packed lunch for their child and that they do not send in cans or fizzy drink. It can be difficult to encourage children to eat a variety of healthy foods at lunch time. If you are stuck for ideas then there is plenty of information to help. Below are some links to ideas for healthy lunch boxes.

Government Fruit & Vegetable Scheme

As part of the Government scheme, every child in Early Years, Reception and Key Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2) is entitled to a free piece of fruit or vegetable each day. If your child is in Key Stage 2 and is not entitled to the free fruit or they do not like many fruits then please feel free to provide a snack from home for them to eat at playtime. However, please do remember that it needs to be a fruit or vegetable - children will not be permitted to eat any other foods at playtime.

Change4life healthier lunchbox ideas.


All children who are under 5 are entitled to a free carton of milk each day. The children in Early Years drink their milk and eat their fruit together daily at snack time and it is an excellent time for developing independence and social skills.

Once children are 5 they may continue to have milk if parents are prepared to pay. School milk is provided by Cool Milk. Parents can either register online at or ask for an application form from the school office.

If your child does not drink milk, or they are 5 and you do not wish to pay, then please ensure that you send them to school with a named water bottle so that they can have a drink at snack time.
School dinners are provided by Hobbs School Catering (the trading name of Principals Contract Catering Limited), menus are available from the links below and from the school office.
School Dinner Menu - Summer 2019