School Council

Welcome to the School Council web page. Here you can learn all about our work and how we work together to bring about changes in school. The School Council are the ‘voice’ of the children at Woburn Lower School.

Who are the School Council?

The School Council is made up of elected representatives from Reception to Year 4. Voting took place in September.

We have our own section in an important document called the 'School Development Plan 2018-19'. Last year the School Council, along with the rest of the children, designed a new playground as the existing one was rather boring. The refurbishment was completed over the summer holidays and it looks fantastic.

We also have a Restaurant Critic who talks to the children about school dinners and meets with Vas from Hobbs Caterers. We have changed a few things too! For example we did not like the fish cakes so every Friday we now have lovely fresh fish!