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Hugo’s Blog - Week commencing 24th September 2018

Hello everyone.

This week we are learning all about Autumn and the changes that happen at this time of year. We began our week by going on an Autumn walk to look for signs of Autumn. 

In Mathematics the children are talking about and making repeating patterns. They are real experts at this!  I am also so impressed that they can name the four basic 2-D shapes.

In phonics, Reception children are half way through Phase 2.  They are very excited about getting this far with their phonics learning. You can visit one of our favourite phonics websites at www.phonicsplay.co.uk to play some of the games we play in class.

Who will I be going home with this weekend?  I can’t wait to find out.

Lots of Love
Hugo X

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Hugo’s Blog - Week commencing 1st October 2018

Hello everyone.Our focus this week was all about skeletons.  We had a visit from Bertie Bones (who is Tallulah’s best friend) and learnt so much about our bones.  Did you know babies have 270 bones and adults have 206 bones in their bodies?  I’m not sure if that is the same for teddy bears. 

We have also had lots of super stories such as ‘Funnybones’.  The children made their own skeleton collages to match the ‘Funnybones’ story. Each skeleton has a personality of its own.

In Mathematics we have been learning our numbers to 100 and using the splat hundred square which you can also do at home by going to the website 

We have also been practising our number sentences again and are becoming number sentence experts!Who am I going home with this weekend?  Find out next week on my ‘Hugo’s friends’ page!

Lots of Love

Hugo X
Hugo’s Blog - Week commencing 17th September 2018

Welcome back everyone.

We have had such a fun start to the Autumn term with our new friends who have joined us after the Summer.  Everyone has settled in really well.In Mathematics we have been learning how to count to twenty and back through fun number songs and games. We are now becoming experts at this! We enjoyed this song and you can sing it at home at www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VLxWIHRD4E

In our first couple of weeks we will be talking about our families such as who we live with, how many people are in our home and what we do when we go home after school.  This week we have drawn lots of lovely pictures and tried to write some words on the theme ‘All about Me’.  Mrs Black is very impressed with us.  She is so impressed that she has given us a reading book each and a keyword sheet to practise at home.

I am in Mrs Black’s utility room at the moment waiting to go for a swim in her washing machine.  Hopefully I will be all fresh and clean ready to go home with someone at the weekend.  Who will it be? Find out next week!

Lots of Love
Hugo X